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Ready for The Next Wave?

Executive Search for Topline Sales, Marketing and Customer Success

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Ready for The Next Wave?

Executive Search for Topline Sales, Marketing and Customer Success

Our foundation has been built on having continued success growing sales, marketing and customer success teams for SaaS and enterprise technology providers.

The Wave Network contains the right person for the position and great opportunities for the right people.

Our Clients

Our Clients

A network built on fulfilling relationships

For nearly two decades we have been fueling every wave of global technology

  • Meet The Team

    Get on your Next Wave

    We believe that 10 networks work better than one, so, WaveStaff operates as a “Hive”. Our team’s collective experience and networks have solutions for every sales, marketing or customer success stage your company is in.

    And, if you are a sales, marketing or customer success executive looking for your next challenge, we can plug you into the heart of the Next Wave of technology and tech companies.

  • Matt Herman


    Matt likes the thrill of the hunt – finding the perfect match of background, skills, and personality. He spends his day on the phone with executives digging for important information that will better qualify the match… and he has fun doing it. Prior to founding WaveStaff, Inc., Matt spent five years with Hall Kinion, a well-respected information technology placement firm, where he won multiple sales awards for both account management and recruiting. Before that Matt spent most of the 90’s working for Anderson Reynolds Sports in Atlanta and San Francisco. They were a leading agency that represented NFL players and coaches as well as several MLB stars. He dealt with attorneys, GMs, athletes, spouses and shoe companies. He lives five minutes from the office and loves where he lives and works. He’s active in the community and proud of the fact that he’s an Eagle Scout.

  • Anna Eversole

    Executive Recruiter

    Anna (pronounced On-uh) is a fun-loving bohemian who just happens to be very serious about recruiting sales and marketing talent. That is a good thing for WaveStaff because she unearths all sorts of great talent, candidate leads, and competitive intelligence for our clients. She comes into the office prepared and hustles all day long. Her inquisitive side likes solving puzzles, which makes solving problems for her clients so satisfying. Her active side is all about getting up early and heading to the barre. She’s smart, she’s fearless and has earned the trust of some of the tech industry’s brightest stars. Oh, and she likes lots and lots of black pepper on her food; so, If you like spicy, you’ll like Anna.

  • Jeremy Turpen

    Executive Recruiter

    Jeremy has always liked to go big. He grew up skiing with Olympians, has leapt from the world’s highest bungee jump, ran marathons, summited high altitude peaks and snowboarded in Antarctica. Professionally, Jeremy helps his clients go big by finding executives and building teams that outperform the competition. He is a seasoned executive recruiter with an almost sixth sense about what will make a perfect match. Leaders at both early stage startups and established public companies regularly rely on Jeremy. He has earned their trust by refusing to give up and delivering time and time again when others can’t. Fair warning to great candidates in MarTech, AI, Enterprise software and other SaaS industries: Jeremy can and will find you. Day or night, business or fun, this man is relentlessly working it.

  • Anna Hall

    Senior Executive Recruiting Manager

    Anna Hall adds that little extra heart and soul …and polish to our workplace. She is quite British with her quirky humor and resolute disposition. She is also a well-rounded, accomplished and informed citizen of the western world having gone to schools in Boston, Paris and Silicon Valley. One of her great skills is in getting to the heart of the matter and finding solutions to problems. Problem-solving is no easy thing and to make it look effortless like she does is so very refreshing. Not surprisingly, clients and candidates like her because she is smart, resourceful, authentic AND she has that charming accent.

  • Laura Wilson

    Executive Recruiter

    Tall and stylish, cool and charming, and smoother than a pane of glass are not the normal descriptors for someone who loves and celebrates geeks. Just speaking with Laura makes you feel brighter. She genuinely enjoys working with hyper-talented startup executives who are building great teams and solving real problems. Those same startup executives know her to be an exceptional listener and that her thorough approach to executive search will weed out the pretenders from the performers. Talent acquisition is not the only area that Laura exhibits great taste; she also has serious culinary skills which her colleagues at Wavestaff relish. Get to know this happy foodie and you’ll be as sweet on her as we are.

  • Katrina Wagner

    Executive Recruiter

    Katrina traveled a long way to get to WaveStaff. She started in Philadelphia and then headed south, way south, all the way down to Kenya south. Eventually, she paddled her way to California where she is a SCUBA loving, rock climbing, beach volleyballin’ bundle of positive energy. She loves mac n’ cheese, tart IPAs, and correcting our word choices. We let her get away with being the grammar police because she keeps finding so many, many great candidates for our clients. Katrina is absolutely fearless and brings tremendous energy and ability to daily recruiting tasks. She is authentic, smart, fun, and we really don’t think there is ANYTHING she can’t accomplish. If she thinks you’ve got game then Game On!

  • Kelly Cox

    Executive Recruiting Manager

    Is it ironic that someone who is so passionate about EdTech is still anxiously awaiting her Hogwarts acceptance letter? Not at all. Kelly is a highly skilled Sourcer-ess who works hard at her craft. When she is not casting talent acquisition spells she is updating her spreadsheets or researching the competitive environments of our clients. Speaking of magical environments, Kelly is a musician who spends her time singing her heart out when she’s not landing people their dream jobs. She keeps the rhythm and will woo you with her sweet voice. That perfectly sums up our Kelly. As a Recruiter she has the smarts, desire, drive and discipline that define the best professionals but it is her magical personality that makes her truly extraordinary.

  • Kinzley Moorcroft

    Sr. Recruiter

    Most of us have not done search and rescue missions surrounded by fifty-foot swells on the Bering Sea. Most of us have not conducted massive drug busts in South America and most of us have not spent months at sea with 170 other people. Kinzley has done all that and more as a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. Speaking of more; she is all about less. She’s a process junkie who loves efficiency strategies and making the most out of every activity and interaction. Oh yeah, she’s from Atlanta where her family owns one of the oldest and best restaurants in the South. It is no surprise that as a professional recruiter she is fearless, has great taste in candidates, works smart and conducts herself with integrity. You’ll definitely hear her smile on the phone as she is a cheerful chatterbox with strong listening skills who digs deep in her interviews and who knows that solid preparation and a keen eye is the key to a proper search. Always ready, that’s Kinzley.


Assess, Access, Vet, Deliver

Our process is our secret sauce, you cannot teach chemistry and teamwork, so we hired it!

Needs Assessment

A Wave recruiter determines your needs. Are you fresh out of an incubator and looking for a key executive or did you just close a Series B round and need to scale your topline revenue?

Access The Network

The entire Wave staff combines our networks and connections to find the right recommendation for your situation. Who are the possible candidates that fit your need and fuel your growth.

Vet and Deliver Candidates

Wave recruiters conduct initial interviews to ensure that we are making the proper recommendation(s). We deliver as many vetted and qualified candidates that match your request.

Needs Assessment

A Wave recruiter determines your needs and qualifies your experience. Are you fresh out of college, working at a startup or do you have executive experience at a Fortune 500 Company?

Access The Network

The entire Wave staff combines our networks and connections to find the right recommendation for your situation. What are the possible opportunities that match your expectations and fuel your growth.

Vet and Deliver Opportunities

Wave recruiters vet potential opportunities to ensure that we are making the proper recommendation(s). We deliver as many vetted and qualified opportunities as possible.


Hear from our clients

It is easy for us to tell you that we have been successful, but, please let our current and past clients tell you for themselves

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Head of Growth Marketing

San Francisco, California


Senior Solutions Engineer (Testing/Monitoring SaaS)

Palo Alto, California


Director of Product Marketing for SaaS AI

Foster City, California


Implementations Engineer

San Francisco, California


Sales Account Executive (SaaS)

San Francisco, California


Account Manager, Strategic Accounts

San Francisco, California


Sales Development Representative (SaaS Startup)

San Francisco, California


Account Executive (SaaS AI)

San Francisco/Mountain View, California


Developer Evangelist (SaaS)

Remote (Bay Area)


Senior Copy Writer

San Francisco Bay Area


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